Wholesale FAQ


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Did I read that right? Do you really offer Free Shipping to wholesale customers?

  • Yes Virginia. There is a Santa Claus. 
  • We pay the economy rate for shipments within the continental US.
  • Your order will arrive via USPS or FedEx Ground dependent upon total weight. 

What is your minimum order amount?

  • $150.00 per delivery address. 

 Do you offer any type of terms?

  • No. However, we do offer PayPal Credit in addition to more traditional credit card payment options. 
  • More information regarding PayPay Credit can be found here.

What is your turn around time for orders?

  • We do our best to ship all orders within 72 hours. This varies based on the time of year and the number of orders in play at any given time.
  • Wholesale orders are shipped on a first in - first out basis. We encourage you to buy early and often.
  • When demand outpaces our immediate ability to fill orders, the order system will be shut down until we've sufficiently caught up. This is rare.

What is the best way to submit an order?

  • Wholesale orders MUST be submitted through this website unless otherwise approved.

Can I call if I have any questions?

  • Yes. Although an email is usually the best way to reach us. Please keep in mind that this is a working mill and as such produces a lot of noise. We often do not hear the phone ringing. Leave a message and we will return the call.
  • Text or Email is the most efficient means of reaching us. Text 615-587-1807 or email theboys@sawyersmillinc.com. 

Will you Name Drop and is there an additional charge?

  • Yes. We are more than happy to offer name drop for your location.
  • Normally, there is no additional charge. This can vary based upon the time required and the complexity involved.

Can I request a design that I think would be a good fit for our business?

  • Please do! You know your customer better than we do. Many times these turn out to be best sellers!

Can I list your items for sale on Amazon?

  • No. Doing so will result in cancelation of your account.

Do you offer drop-ship?

  • Yes. Requires additional approval. Shipping account for carrier must be provided and remain on file.